Takahiro Kimura

17 09 2011

Takahiro Kimura’s work is straight out wonderful. I remember as a kid we used to do rubs. You could take parts of the newspaper or comic book and by rubbing on the back of a picture or a column the ink would be pressed onto the paper underneath. (I don’t know if it’ll work anymore.) I’m sure this is not how Kimura works but the effect is similar. Maybe I’m just being nostalgic. But a tour of his sight would be a revelation to anyone.

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television without radio.

17 09 2011

I know I shouldn’t have done this. It’s almost… not sacreligious but unkind. I started to watch the video. Then I turned the sound off. It was more interesting. The music wasn’t my cup of tea. But then again I don’t drink much tea. Black. Sometimes a little 1% milk. So if like me (you poor bastard) you don’t care for the music, turn the sound off and just enjoy the visuals. Think of it as television without radio.

Waters – For The One
Out In The Light
TBD Records, City Slang

Director’s Cut (*with full sound mix)
Directed by Allen Cordell
Produced by Lodger Films and Cause & [Effect]

Starring: Van Pierszalowski and Chuck Erickson
Producers: Georg Kallert / Peter J. Nieves / Rob Schroeder
Production Manager: Kristen Marceda
Director of Photography: Richard Kim
Editor: Allen Cordell
Post Production Visual FX, Animation and Compositing: Tim Lines
Keying and Cleanup: Brad Walter
Color Correct: Daniel Bowhers and Allen Cordell
Video Sound Mix: Zak Engel and Explosion Robinson
Art Director: Gladys Rodriguez
Casting Director: Peter J. Nieves
Sound: Georg Kallert
Gaffer: Brian Outland
Key Grip: Andrew Creighton
G/E Swing: Brett Lopes