House of Imagination

13 09 2011

A wonderful little film called The House of Imagination. A lot of fun to watch. A kind of Walt Disney philosophy on life.

Director: Brett Foraker
Production Company: 4 Creative
Production Designer: Tino Schaedler
DP: Larry Fong
VFX: MPC London

Joe Simpson

13 09 2011

I almost never talk about painting. At least not work that is not surreal, or collage like. Abstraction and realism bore me. But this work of Joe Simpson’s is something else. In some of these paintings the backgrounds are almost photographic. But the characters themselves look like paintings. As if it was human beings that were art. The second think is Joe Simpson did a series of works about Toronto. And I recognize the places. I’m not a nationalist and I find much about my city that is provincial but I am fond of it anyway.

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