Eolo Perfido

7 09 2011

Eolo Perfido has an interesting story to tell. Or at least his family does. Read about his grandfather. Perfido is a successful professional photographer. His staged photos are at times disturbing and provocative. Which means of course that I like them. I’m also fascinated… no, that’s too grandiose a work. I’m intrigued by artists who can survive/succeed in the commercial world and still produce good art. Sometimes it doesn’t seem fair.

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2 responses

7 09 2011
Polly Hoyt Nance

This post is the reason why I love this blog! What creepily fantastic imagery! I love the tension in these photographs… the creepy but yet normalcy, and truth, to them. There is a child-like nature (and motifs) to these compositions that makes their creepiness beautiful… and also, forces you stop and stare… which, in turn, allows for greater understanding, depth and knowledge to be gained from them. I have never heard of this photographer, but am intrigued and want to know more. You say he is (or was)a commercial photographer? What is his background? I guess I should just google it. 🙂 True artists always have something to say, no matter what field and, if they don’t say what they can say, then they aren’t being true to themselves in my opinion. Gotta love non-sell-outs! These photographs are incredibly compelling. Thank you for a great, great post!

7 09 2011
David Halliday

If you go back to my blog you will find the artist’s blog or sight by clicking on his name

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