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5 09 2011

There’s a lesson in here for everyone especially politicians who disrespect their colleagues.

production company: Filmakademie BW
length: 1’35”
directors: Tom Weber . Ilija Brunck . Jan Bitzer
producer: Sinje Gebauer
sound: Ilija Brunck . Jan Bitzer


5 09 2011

Lakormis or merve morkoç is an artist from Turkey. He has peculiar, I don’t want to say obsessions, but interests. In many of his pieces people, animals etc. are perceived as flesh, meat.  And many of his figures have cherub doe like faces. And then again he has framed some of his work as if they were his ancestors, old relatives.

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Nuit Blanche

5 09 2011

Sometimes things just knock you out. This is what Nuit Blanche has done. Although I suspect that this will become a normal way of film making. It is called hyper realism. But what it is old fashion collage work. Well a little more than that.

A couple decades ago I started doing a kind of collage work (with scissors and glue and pen and ink and paint and white out) to manufacture or create scenes that never existed in real life but did not look like collages. (This is before photo shop) It was my intuition that this was where film was going. I thought that they would be able to make big films that would normally involve thousands of people and do it in the lab. Well of course lots of other people saw this as well. Unfortunately from my point of view instead of doing War and Peace, they have been making Green Lantern.

Have a look at this video Nuit Blanche. And then look at the second video which explains how they made it. It is amazing.

Veronique Meignaud

5 09 2011

Although I don’t usually step into painting. Especially if it is wet. I decided that since this young woman painted work that had some parallels both to surrealism and collage work I would have a look. As you can see her colouring is fantastic. I’m sure she would have no trouble selling her work to rich fat couples in Manhattan. The video is interesting even if you do not speak French. She is a delicate looking girl with both a whispy and whimsical kind of nature. And you can see that in her work. What you also see in her work is violence. That I know nothing.

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http://www.v-meignaud.com/uranium/ Her Blog


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