Tim Simmons

25 08 2011

When Tim Simmons puts his camera (his eyes) on something, it becomes surreal. Lonely. Void of life. It is like that series about life without human beings. Except that Simmons’ world has humans. Some place else. The other thing is that we’ve all seen these places. Or versions of them. I remember walking by the science building at the University of Windsor. The building was new. With almost no windows. And big spot lights that shone on the building. And the lights buzzed. It was an ‘other world’ experience. Simmons shows us what is not in the picture. Very strange.

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Giuseppi Ragazzini

25 08 2011

This video called The Kiss is a series of collages morphing into each other. I cannot imagine how much time this must have taken.

kiss by Guiseppe Ragazzini