19 08 2011

This flick is made by Jan Bitzer, Ilija Brunck, Csaba Letay. Its about insects and it is very violent. There’s an almost cruel aspect about it. Don’t let your kids watch it. So why am I putting it up here? I’m not sure. Maybe because I haven’t seen something like this before.

Margarida Girao

19 08 2011

I’m confused. Maybe I spent too many hours in the hospital yesterday. (Another story. Another time.) Maybe I’m just cranky this morning. Some of Ms. Girao’s work is fun and in the tradition that I perceive as collage work. Other pieces seem hod podge. And the overall tone of her sight seems too serious, professional, absorbed with her enterprises. There are some good visual ideas, puns, etc. And there are some mix and glues. Maybe I should go eat something.

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