18 08 2011

The title sort of tells everything. It was created by a fellow Falko Tilgner. He is German. And a photographer.  And that’s about all I know about him.

Tos Kostermans

18 08 2011

Tos Kostermans is a Dutch artist. His work is very political. Most of the time he appears to be jabbing a finger into the ribs of the rich and famous. There is about his work the look of a comic strip. The colours are rich and heavy. The poses and expressions exaggerated. The paintings are beautifully rendered.

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Erik Johansson

18 08 2011

Illusion is a major ingredient in art. Perspective in art is afterall an illusion. The canvas remains flat. There is a theory in physics that states that our universe may also be flat. One of the more interesting fellows was M. C. Escher.

Another artist making very interesting work is Eric Johansson

Watch these two videos. They will wipe you out.