Miglena Savova

2 08 2011

There are a lot of collage artists who work in texture, color, patterns etc without respect to the actual images they are using. Their work reminds me of quilts or jeans that have had their knees patched over and over. Some of this work looks great when you see it live. But photos of it are usually disappointing. And much of it is ‘artsy’. That’s artsy for pretentious. And thats what a lot of art teachers teach. I don’t know why. But this piece by Miglena is the exception. The texture makes the pic interesting. And it is about something. My only complaint is that this is the only piece I could find of this artist’s work.

Death of Peanut Butter

2 08 2011

These are illustrations for a series of children’s books. This book is called the Death of Peanut Butter. Peanut Butter is an electronic cat. And her batteries get pooped out.You can see these illustrations and many others at my sight i AM a GALLERY. Entry is free of charge. No pets please.

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