27 06 2011

Three artists on one sight. (jon boxerman, brian deming, and andrew paiko) And they all have common characteristics. And I noticed that they have used some of the same photographs as I in making their collages. (With a different slant which makes them even more interesting for me.)Check them out. Their work is fun. It is basically cut and paste.

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Joyce Hill

27 06 2011

Browsing through galleries and artists sights on the web, one thing has bothered me with collage artists. So many are involved in patterns, relief work, material etc. Layered on top of each other. Or set aside in some vaguely abstract fashion. That is supposed to do something. To you. And yet. I think it’s a lie. Passing something off as art. That is no more than anything that might have fallen on the floor during renovations of your bathroom. (I know I sound like a Philistine.) Except. Occasionally you find an artist like Joyce Hill. Who does use relief and other materials. But still includes representational pieces. And it works for me. I like her work. Its interesting. And makes you want to check out more of her stuff.


27 06 2011

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