Susan Belcher

6 06 2011

My themes have taken focus.  I like to play with the idea of choices and their consequences – urban sprawl and its impact on our environment, man in relationship to nature and spirituality, and transitions from darkness into light. Photography and more recently transparency film have become exciting mediums for me.  By using many of my own digital photographs, scanning them onto acetate, or doing image transfers and recombining them with found images, I create my own unique architecture – with an outcome often surreal, mysterious, and somewhat provocative. 

Ms. Belcher uses a multitude of transfer methods to create her collages. The work is very painterly. I’m sure her work would look very comfortable in any upscale gallery. Her collages use layers and transparencies to great affect. Much of her work reminds me of paintings I would see in the windows of galleries during the 70s. I don’t know if this is a flattering remark or not.

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6 06 2011

Death comes in the quiet of our thoughts. When we were looking the wrong way. At the moon being smothered by a cloud. It begins in panic. Thrashing out. We want to live. Something standing over us. Waiting for our last breath. Murder. Now and then.

Homicide: Now and Then