2 06 2011

When I lived in Belgium many years ago, there was an exhibition of Dali prints in Antwerp. I went to the gallery and was surprised to find that many of the prints, signed by Dali, were selling for $200 Canadian. If I’d had any money I would have bought them. But it shocked me. Was Dali desperate? I think he might have made prints or had prints made of his work and signed thousands. He was a very odd man. But interesting. He made a film with Disney which is quite interesting. He made a film with Hitchcock and clothing designs for Coco Chanel. I love his work. But he is like Nietsche in that there may be more smoke than substance to his work. Still his work has influenced generations of artists and I suspect has helped recruitment for the schools of psychology.

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7 06 2011
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25 06 2011

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26 06 2011
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