Toshiko Okanoue

28 03 2011

Okanoue’s work reminds me of much of the collage work that I was first exposed. It has a dream like surreal quality about it. It treats the images it uses from a fairly 2 dimensional perspective. Heads are replaced by typewriters etc. And some of the work, either moves from being very straightforward (simple to see), to being messy. But still I enjoy it. It appears to me that the artist was having fun and I like that.

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One response

9 03 2013
David Halliday

Reblogged this on power of h Weblog and commented:

I used to deliver a newspaper when I was young. It was a pink newspaper called The Telegram. I never learned why they dyed the paper pink. It is one of those oddities of life like Ohanoue’s work.

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