Flirtatious Ideas

23 03 2011

Flirtatious ideas. Like the hangover from the 1960s. The marijuana induced elation over one of our own thoughts. Writing it down. Only to discover the next day that it was banal, unoriginal, and silly. I have one now. Blogging induces them. Its about romantic love. And promiscuity. Or at least one night stands. Love is treated in pulp fiction, “B” movies, Hallmark cards, as if it was the 3rd person in a relationship. Its a drug that has consumed them. “I’ve never felt this way before.” “I wake up and all I think about is you.” etc. In an affair in which both parties are deeply involved with each other, the third party is belittled. Until marriage or its equivalent takes over and the couple become friends. So in a moment of *7%3# logic I propose that love can only exist between couples who hardly know each other. The passion is at its highest when their bodies are consumed with each other. When they dare to be creative. When communication lasts hours instead of moments. And its highest expression is the orgy. Or for those who are shy, the one night stand… See what’s happened. The flirtatious idea. When you write it down. Just sounds silly.