29 01 2011

The Black Bird was based on the film The Maltese Falcon directed by John Huston. Starring Humphrey Bogart, Peter Lorre, Mary Astor, Sydney Greenstreet, Gladys George. The Black Bird deals with Bogart on many levels as Sam Spade, as the public image of Bogart, as lover, father, son.

Marilyn Monroe

26 01 2011

Yesterday I ran across this slide show about Marilyn Monroe visiting the poet Carl Sandburg. So intriquing. Why would she do that? And how did she know Carl Sandberg? There are so many stories about this woman and each one is a surprise. Some sad, some desperate, some absolutely stunning.



Our future in other hands

21 01 2011

There is a piece in The New York Times Book Review that I found interesting. It is in a discussion about the place of the literary critic. Talking about the once esteemed position of the critic: “For Matthew Arnold, the inability of his contemporaries to write in what he called the grand style led him to a general critique of Victorian society which he saw as addicted to materialism and utilitarianism. I’m not sure if anyone is writing this kind of criticism today – certainly the most admired literary critics aren’t – and the reason is probably the one Kazin cited: ‘the growing assumption that literature cannot affect our future, that the future is in other hands’.” I love literature, love writing poetry, creating stories, novels, but the torch for the ideas are being carried elsewhere. But where?



19 01 2011

I saw a fabulous explanation for evolution (I think by David Attenborough) on television the other night. He talked about the evolution of the eye.

Random acts of stupidity

13 01 2011

As I grow older I notice that I have very little capacity for sadness. A small child (little over a year old) died in a daycare. I can’t think about that. A cop was killed on our streets by a guy (mental health problems?) who had stolen a snow plow and run rampant in the streets. The cop was my son’s age. I just can’t think about these things. Maybe its because I’ve been depressed lately but I find myself shielding my psyche from random acts of stupidity that cause death.

Arizona anvil?

12 01 2011

God, this is going to sound terrible. But hasn’t American political life been conducted in a violent manner since 1776? Weren’t duals conducted between political rivals over perceived wrong doings? Perhaps one expects more civil behaviour in the 21 st. century. Is there something at the heart of the American psyche (if there is such a thing) that brings out an anger, a rage, that leads to the terrible events that we have seen in recent days? You always have a fringe element in every culture/country who are explosive. But doesn’t the American middle have to look at itself and ask what kind of political discussion they expect from their politicians?


10 01 2011

At the moment I felt myself coming down with flu symptoms (shaking with cold) my computer crashed. It felt like there was some sort of relationship. I hate this kind of stuff. This coincidence. It makes  you read things into reality that don’t exist. Why do I know this is true?