A case of absolute wonder

25 12 2010

Her name was Kim. (I won’t give her last name in case it might embarass her.) She was the prettiest girl in elementary school. And then high school. And college if she went on that far. She wasn’t just a pretty girl. Her looks were almost unnatural. And it wasn’t just her. Her sister was gorgeous. Her brother was the best looking guy in school (if my sister’s opinion is of any importance). Both her parents were gorgeous. Her mother had waist length blond hair. She turned heads in her fifties. The whole family were also wonderful people. The could have been a poster for the ideal American family (though they were Canadian). And they were modest. Is this in the genes? Was there a thread of these gorgeous people all the way down through history? Generation after generation. I bring this up not because I’m jealous. It’s just a case of absolute wonder.



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