Zorba the Greek

4 09 2010

When I was young, me and some friends went to see the movie, Zorba the Greek. From that moment on all of us wanted to be like Zorba. To enjoy life. With the emphasis on joy. But it is not so easy to have such a robust hungry view. Health and circumstance have such a great affect. And then there is social convention which does not allow one to step out of line and draw attention to oneself. And the very exuberance of life, food and wine and sexual appetite can dilute one’s enthusiasm. The fat are not hungry. The drunk do not dance so well. And endulging in sexual pursuits can hurt one’s spouse, one’s children, one’s family and friends. One is branded as a rake, or a slut. None of this occurs or matters to Zorba who lives in the moment. But there is more than the moment. And he who pursues a life of hedonism seldom challenges life in other fields. The poet likes to believe that he is the ‘drunk in the midnight choir’ but he knows better. He is the man on the edge of the moon.