THE RAIL – Katie Halliday

22 08 2010

This poem was written by my oldest daughter. Almost on a dare. She used to write poetry when she was younger and I recognized early that she had real talent. Katie decided that her passions were other places. (She has become a sound editor in the film industry.) This is a young woman who can do anything she sets her mind on. If I had half her energy and talents, I would have considered myself blessed. I hope she continues to write. I love to read her stuff.


THE RAIL – Katie Halliday

The Dead Night Sky, clouded

The moon is blocked

Not even shadows prevail

It comes, swift and steady

The squeals of metal on metal fill the night

Sparks fly, lighting the dark

It takes them to new places

Only to bring them back to the beginning

It is fuelled by unseen forces

It is unstopping, unchanging

Its circuit is repeating

It passes

The screams echo; the only proof it ever existed

It continues on into the night

The clouds drift and the moon appears

Washing the color from the world



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