Jack – Gravity

30 06 2010

Jack – Gravity

On the planet Jack, gravity is one of the strong forces. As you rise from sea level, your presence becomes more spiritual than physical. The process is invigorating and addictive.  High enough and you become vapor. Always the struggle is between elation and nothingness.

Jack – the dark river of night and a boy’s world

5 06 2010

A boy’s life

Much of the life on Jack is a boy’s life. Life as a boy’s world should be. Fishing. Playing ball. Skinny dipping. Smoking by a fire. The whole Tom Sawyer existence. Before the terrors of manhood. This is the way a boy’s life should be. And is on Jack. Until the sun sets. Then reality sets in. The  lives of most boys . The joys of Tom Sawyer turn into Huck Finn’s terrors. Life is dangerous. Without romance. Ugly. And angry. Filled with terror. Not from the fabrications of the imagination. But real terrors.  The dead bodies. In the abandoned houses. Drifting down through the dark river of night. But there is also incredible courage. And a depth of love that saves us all.

That is the end of my tale. I am off to Spain. For a month. With my girl. The lovely Mieke. If you are interested, here are two other blogs.



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Jack – criminals

2 06 2010


The Red Desert is where prisoners on Jack are taken to be punished. They are taken to the centre of the desert where the temperatures are so hot that exposure may lead to death in a very short time. And then the prisoners are freed. If they reach the edge of the desert and the safety of the sea, or nearby cities then they are forgiven. For lesser crimes like fraud and theft prisoners may be given provisions. For violent crimes, body parts may be… removed. A rapist may lose a leg. A murderer his eyes. All criminals volunteer to undergo this horrific experience. No one is forced to go into the centre of the desert without his/her consent. It may seem unusual, perhaps even unbelievable, but no one who has commited a crime has ever not volunteered to go. Sometimes not right away. Sometimes years may pass. Perhaps even to the edge of death itself, but eventually all volunteer. No one is sure why.