The Property of Lee Harrison Peeters Chapter Thirty One: Navy Island

3 04 2010

The Property of Lee Harrison Peeters

Chapter Thirty One: Navy Island

The rebels have set up camp on an island called Navy Island in the middle of the Niagara River. A boat called the “Caroline” lies tied up to the dock. Men are unloading provisions from it. Tents have been set up. Some trenches have been set up where men are stationed as look-outs. Mackenzie along with the General sits in front of one tent with several other men. They are looking at a map stretched out on a table. A small boat comes into the dock. There are several men on the boat including the stranger and Josh. The stranger has his hands tied behind his back. His dog, the General, has been muzzled and a short leash put on him. The men on the boat drag the stranger out of the boat and towards Mackenzie’s tent.

Mackenzie: “What have we here?”

McGregor, one of the men on the boat who has a hold of the stranger speaks.

McGregor: “We discovered this man trying to smuggle this coloured fellow back to the states.”
Mackenzie: “A repo man.”

The stranger: “That’s a word I haven’t heard before.”

Josh: “He kidnapped me.”

McGregor: “We should hang him, sir.”

Mackenzie: “What say you, Josh?”

Josh: “He took me by force.”

The stranger: “I was protecting my employer’s property.”

Mackenzie: “We haven’t the time to deal with this now. Feed the two of them and then tie up the stranger.”

Murphy, the man holding the dog.

Murphy: “What about the dog?”

Mackenzie looks at the stranger.

Mackenzie: “Feed the dog as well.”



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