The Property of Lee Harrison Peeters Chapter Thirty: The Head Hunters

31 03 2010

The Property of Lee Harrison Peeters

Chapter  Thirty: The Head Hunters

The leader twists the end of his moustache with his fingers and grins. But, before the quartet of men can make a move, the stranger whips a knife out of his boot and throws it directly between the eyes of the giant. He then takes out his gun and shoots the leader in the shoulder. The leader falls off his horse. The young man who is still smiling finds that his horse has reared up and taken off with him on it. In the meantime, General, the dog has jumped up at the fat man and taken him off his horse but not before he has taken a shot at the stranger, grazing his arm. The fat man cries out on the ground as the dog clamps his mouth over his throat. Moments later the fat man lies lifeless on the ground a pool of blood  in the snow around his head like a halo. The stranger steps over to the leader who is writhing in pain and takes his weapons off him. Then he steps over to his horse and grabs a rope. He ties the screaming leader’s hands behind his back then wraps the rope around the leaders ankles and throws it over the branch of a tree. Using the horse’s strength he pulls the leader over to the tree and  hoists him  up into the air so that he is hanging upside down. He ties the end of the rope to another tree. The stranger attends to his wound, cleaning it and wrapping a bandage around it. Once that is complete, the stranger gets back up on his horse. He looks around.

Joshua has escaped.

The leader turning and twisting from the tree branch: “You can’t leave me like this.”

The stranger: “Spotted a number of bears in the area. Maybe you’ll get lucky and the rope will break. And the fall will break your neck. Or maybe some of these bears are friendly. If you see one, I’d talk politely.”

Leader: “Bastard!”

Taking the Leader’s horse the stranger looks around and, finding Josh’s horse’s tracks, moves off into the woods. The General follows. Behind them the leader screams out curses.



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