The Property of Lee Harrison Peeters Chapter Twenty Nine: Heads

26 03 2010

The Property of Lee Harrison Peeters

Chapter  Twenty Nine: Heads

The stranger is putting out the fire. Joshua is sitting  waiting, his hands tied together in front. The dog is whining. The stranger turns.

The stranger: “You smell something, General?”

Some time passes. The first light of day has passed and the sun is now rising above the horizon. The stranger has just helped Joshua to mount his horse when a quartet of men appear at his campsite on horseback. It is the headhunters. They are looking into the sun. The boy sits atop a white horse. The other three men sit on black horses. The giant’s legs almost touch the ground making it appear as if his horse is laboring to sustain his weight.

The leader, an old man, looks at the doused fire.

The Leader: “Ah, it’s a shame. We missed breakfast.”

The young boy begins to giggle. The leader looks at him with some distain. The General is snarling.

The old man turns to the stranger then glances at Joshua.

The leader: “Looks like you’ve located some of our property, sir. We’d appreciate it back.”

The giant smiles: “Nice small head.”

The giant lifts a bag off his horse and drops it on the ground. The bag opens and several heads roll out.



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