The Property of Lee Harrison Peeters Chapter Twenty Four: Little Elizabeth

8 03 2010

The Property of Lee Harrison Peeters

Chapter  Twenty Four: Little Elizabeth

The stranger steps out of the barbershop. The barber steps out beside him.

Barber: “There’s a new whore in town. They say she’s quite a beauty.”

The stranger: “You don’t say.”

Barber: “If my Amy ever caught me fooling around with some whore, she cut my balls off and sell them as door knockers.”

Noise from down the street. A one legged man, with a peg leg, leads a crowd of people down the street.

Barber: “What’s all the commotion out there?”

One-legged man: “Its horrible.”

Barber: “What?”

One-legged man: “Little Elizabeth.”

Barber: “She gone missing in the woods again?”

Tears ran down the face of the one-legged man.

The crowd of people have reached the barbershop. A preacher walks with his arm around a small black woman. She is holding a doll. No one is speaking unless they are weeping.

The barber grabs the one-legged man by the collar.

Barber: “Out with it, man.”

One legged man: “A bear got her. All they found was the doll.”



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