The Property of Lee Harrison Peeters Chapter Twenty Three: Joshua Peeters

5 03 2010

The Property of Lee Harrison Peeters

Chapter  Twenty Three: Joshua Peeters

In the kitchen of a house. Several people, including the blacksmith, the policeman, Joshua Peeters , his brother Luke, and wife, Agnes. There is a table with chairs. But many of the people are standing up. The room almost seems too small for people. The ceiling is very low, just over the head of some of the men. The crampness of the room makes everyone bend over as if they were giants. Agnes is making coffee. She has placed several cups on the table.

Joshua Peeters: “It’s him. I seen him on the plantation. Bringing back runaways.”

Blacksmith: “Are you sure?”

Policeman: “With all this talk of rebellion, this couldn’t happen at a worse time.”

Agnes: “Arrest the man!”

Policeman: “On what charge?”

The policeman turns to Joshua.

Policeman: “Is the fellow violent?”

Joshua: “When he brought back runaways, they weren’t always alive.”

Policeman: “Could he be a headhunter?”

Joshua shakes his head.

Joshua: “Even dead, the runaways came back in one piece.”

Agnes: “Headhunters?”

Policeman: “Bounty hunters who hunt down runaways and return their heads to their masters. Proof that they’d been caught.”

Agnes breaks down: “Oh, God!”



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