The Property of Lee Harrison Peeters Chapter Twenty Two: Sleep

28 02 2010

The Property of Lee Harrison Peeters

Chapter  Twenty Two: Sleep

Mary Shay lays with her arm across the stranger’s chest. General is asleep on the floor beside their bed. The dog lifts her head up. She begins to growl. The stranger opens an eye. He reaches over and pets the dog on the head then slips out of bed and pulls on his pants. Reaching for his gun that is sitting on the bureau, he steps lightly to the door. He opens the door a crack. Outside in the hall he spots a man in the hall. It is the kid with blond hair one of the head hunters. The door to the stranger’s room is open. General steps up beside the stranger. The stranger puts his hand on the dog’s head and pets it to keep the dog quiet. Three  men exit from the stranger’s room. The stranger recognizes them right away

The old man: “What do we do now?”

The leader: “How are we supposed to kill a man if he isn’t here.”

Blond kid: “He should be. His horses are still in the barn.”

The old man. “Well, we can’t stand around talking about it. We should be better organized.”

The leader: “Like you could do better.”
The four men step along the hall and down the stairs. The stranger bends down and plays with the dog’s ears.

The stranger: “Fortune is on our side, General.”



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