The Property of Lee Harrison Peeters Chapter Eleven: Lovers

28 01 2010

The Property of Lee Harrison Peeters

Chapter Eleven: Lovers

Later in bed, the couple are naked under the bed sheets. Eunice lies on her side,  stroking the stranger’s chest.

The stranger: “What does your husband think of this?”

Eunice: “We have a business relationship. He protects me, and I… iron his shirts.”

The stranger laughs: “So he knows?”

Eunice: “Why are you here?”

Stranger: “Business.”

Eunice: “And what is your business?”

Stranger: “I find things that people lose.”
Eunice: “You are so… evasive.”

The stranger laughs.

Playfully Eunice slaps the stranger’s chest.

Eunice: “Why did you come here? To Canada? It is a long way from your home.”

The stranger: “I came for the clear skies and warm sunshine.”

Eunice: “It is winter.”

The stranger: “I was misled.”

Eunice sternly: “You are impossible.”

The stranger: “I came to find some property that was taken from my employer.”

Eunice: “Is this property so important?”

The stranger: “No. But my employer is a sentimental man.”

Eunice: “Are you sentimental too?”

The stranger rises from the bed and steps over to the window. He looks down into the street below.

Stranger: “How blind are you?”

Eunice: “I can see that you are headed into trouble.”