The Property of Lee Harrison Peeters Chapter Ten: The Bath

24 01 2010

The Property of Lee Harrison Peeters

Chapter Ten: The Bath

An hour later the stranger is sitting in a large bath, big enough for two, in the middle of a room. His clothes are hanging on the wall. A moment later Eunice, (long dark raven hair, full lips, large hips and breasts) enters the room with some towels. The stranger sinks into the water before realizing that the woman cannot see him. She puts the towels down on a table near the bath.

Eunice: “Would you like your back washed, sir.”

The stranger: “Yes, mam.”

Eunice gets behind the stranger and begins to wash him. The soap slips out of her hands. She begins to search around in the water for the soap. Her hands find what she thinks is the soap. She is mistaken.

Eunice: “I’m sorry, sir.”

The stranger smiles: “No. I don’t think you are. And I don’t think you’re as blind as your husband led me to believe.”

Eunice giggles.

The stranger grabs Eunice and pulls her into the tub.