The Property of Lee Harrison Peeters Chapter Eight: The Dirt Road

20 01 2010

The Property of Lee Harrison Peeters

Chapter Eight: The Dirt Road

The stranger is making his way along a dirt road. He spots some wagons ahead of him. The wagons have pulled off to the side of the road. They have set up camp. He stops for a moment. Many of the people are black. The stranger climbs down off his horse. He is met by two men, middle aged. One is a short black man. His fingernails have been bitten down to the bone. His name is Earl. The second gentleman is European. He is tall and heavy set with a heavy beard. His name is Nathan. A young black boy, Winston, runs up and pets the General. The dog responds by wagging his tail and licking the boy’s face.

Stranger: “The General doesn’t like most folks.”

Earl: “Animals can detect the humanity in people.”

Nathan: “How can we help you, stranger?”

Stranger looking around the camp sight: “Where are you folks headed?”

Nathan points down the road to the west, the direction from which the stranger has just ridden.

Winston: “This sure is a fine dog, sir.”

The stranger looks down at Winston.

Stranger: “His name is General.”

Winston: “That’s an odd name, sir.”

Nathan takes a deep breath. Menacingly.

Nathan: “What exactly is your business, mister?”

The stranger smiles at the boy.

Stranger: “It means he’s in charge.”

Earl steps in front of his larger friend

Earl: “Now, Nathan, there’s no need to be unfriendly.” Turns to the stranger. “Maybe you’d like to sit down and have supper with us, sir?”

The stranger gets back on his horse.

Stranger: “It’s kindly of you to ask, sir. But… I’m not much company.”

The stranger turning, pulls his other horse with him. The General looks at the boy then turns and follows the stranger.

Earl turns to Nathan.

Earl: “He had a Virginian accent.”

Nathan: “You could smell it on him.”