27 09 2009




TAPE NO.: G9872-6

SUBJECT: Harry O’Toole

DATE: August 25

HARRY: Murder by men. Murder by women. Murder by nature. Murder in the twentieth century. How do you figure the second millennium is going to top us, eh? …No criminal record myself. Too damn slick. Cops aren’t crafty enough to catch old Harry O’Toole. There have been close calls. One time we were smuggling margarine from Quebec into Ontario. You’d be surprised how many people will pay for margarine that looks like butter.

Cops stopped us outside Cornwall. They had their guns drawn. Who knows what they were thinking? Michael got out of the car. Michael was with me on this trip. I told him to go see what the pigs were up to. Watched them in my rear view mirror. One moment they’re talking seriously, the next they’re laughing.

When Michael gets back in the car, I ask him what’s so funny. He tells me to drive on and not to look back. They were looking for smugglers but let us go. Michael told them what we were carrying. No cop wants it on his record that he sent someone up for smuggling margarine. Michael knew the ways of the world. Read all the codes. Reacted to all the nuances. Ear to the rail. Fingers on the wire. Pulse like short wave.

QUESTION: What does Michael deal in?

HARRY: Michael’s like Walmart. He deals in everything: from girls to electronics, from porn to guns, from books that get band to bands that get booked. You want to buy something; he’s got a catalogue. That’s what gets his juices flowing. Putting the right people together. A real match maker. Billy Graham type…  Michael and I have had some good times. We’ve known each other since grade school. He was the only kid in grammar school with a tattoo. Did it himself with a compass and some Indian ink. Never flinched. Never saw him feel any pain. Maybe that’s the secret to his success. He doesn’t fear pain because he never feels anything…

Michael has always known what he wants. Always. Nothing two faced about Michael. He looks out for himself and isn’t ashamed to admit it. With Michael, you always know where you stand. With half a chance in the straight world he could have become one of those big execs, driving around in a Chrysler, eating in fancy restaurants, big expense account…

Cops hate him. Hate all of us. Did you know that the average crook’s IQ is ten points higher than the average cop. The ignorant always resent their betters. And they knew that Michael was brilliant.

QUESTION: How long were you in the Clark Institute?

HARRY: They tell you that? Don’t believe everything…  I was only in the Clark for a few months. Physical break down. It was my diet. Too much caffeine and sugar. Try to make it sound like I’m crazy, that I hear voices, that I’m delusional. Everybody hears voices. In the fifteenth century I would have been a visionary… I love the street life. The pace of traffic. The hassles and cars. Everyone trying to put one over on you. Everyone trying to survive. Trying to catch your attention. Banging out a tune on a busy corner or banging a few heads in a darkened alley. Makes you feel alive. Not that I’ve been involved in violence though sometimes you have to flex your muscles. Some people just won’t listen to anything else.. . Hate the burbs. Couldn’t live like the dead beats I grew up with. Spending their weekends in the malls, trucking their kids off here and there, worrying about cholesterol and retirement funds, waistlines and inflation. On the street you take what you need. You cross the line. Take. Just take what you can. It’s a beautiful way to live. I love capitalism… You want to know more about Michael? I can see that. Funny thing about women and Michael. They’re attracted to him but they’re afraid of him. Something they see in Michael that they want. Something that isn’t talked about in polite company. Something dangerous. I’ve gotten a little muff because I look like Michael. Michael is too much of the real thing for some chicks. I’m a kind of generic substitute. What’s the difference between me and Michael? I don’t hurt women… Sure, he’s whacked a few around. Sometimes that’s what a woman wants. It’s part of Michael’s charm. But Michael can be a real Christian. I’ve seen him perform acts of kindness, tenderness, things I would never do, acts that surprise you with their thoughtfulness and grace. But nothing Michael does, neither good nor evil, is without a hidden motive. With Michael, there is no good and bad. He doesn’t do anything mean spirited or cowardly. He does things because they’re part of a plan, a larger agenda.

QUESTION: Was Michael ever married?

HARRY: You wouldn’t ask that question unless you knew the answer… Her name was Lisa. She was a mystery, a puzzle, the best parts of every woman you ever met. She had a great wit, funny as hell. Very sarcastic. And sexy! Skin as smooth as silk. Everyone loved her. And she loved everyone. At least she slept with practically everyone. Absolutely no scruples. Never met a man who could say no to her. And talented. Incredible control over every muscle in her body. She could pick a quarter off the floor with… Anyone she slept with was wild for her. She was like a drug. You could never get enough. But she always went back to Michael… Crazy as a loon. I met Lisa at the Clark. They said she was a sociopath. She liked to lie. And she didn’t run around with a long face from guilt. So what! That doesn’t make you crazy. I was the one who introduced her to Michael. No one could control her. She was like a wild animal. Her and Michael were made for each other… She disappeared. Lot of stories about that. She shot Michael once. Almost killed him. They had a fight. Cops showed up and just watched Michael bleed. It was on the six o’clock news. After that Lisa disappeared. Some say she went to Europe. Some say Michael had her put down.



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