A Drink Before Work At The Brass Rail (Chapter 33, Lou Grant)

15 09 2009

Chapter 33

A Drink Before Work At The Brass Rail

MURRAY: Why are we  here, Lou?

LOU GRANT: Hair of the dog.

MURRAY: It’s eight in the morning.

LOU GRANT: The owner is an old friend. He’ll serve us.


LOU GRANT: There’s a problem.

MURRAY: A problem?

LOU GRANT: I talked to Rhoda.


MURRAY: I saw you in the cafeteria. I thought maybe…

LOU GRANT: Me and Rhoda?

MURRAY: Well… I haven’t been right since you told me about Mary and Ted. This hasn’t got anything to do with Ted, does it?

LOU GRANT: No, not Ted.

The waiter came over and placed a glass of scotch in front of Lou.

WAITER: Monsieur?

Murray shook his head. The waiter returned to the other end of the bar.

MURRAY: They have French waiters here now?

LOU GRANT: He’s Armenian. Jim, my friend who owns this place, wants all his waiters to learn French. He thinks it’ll add class to the dump.

MURRAY: So what’s the problem.

Lou took a drink.

LOU GRANT: Mary’s in love.