Moonlight Cocktail

16 01 2009



The rain was black. Glistening asphalt. Like an engagement ring. Moon shattered. Shards in the faces of pools. Motor oil slicks. Cheap impressionistic cringes. Two dancers. Everest and Edna McGuire. The gentleman wore white. His lover wore red. Glided across the parking lot. Glenn Miller was playing over the intercom. Everest looked up to the heaven. Listen to those horns swing, he thought. Without noticing that the sky was empty. No stars a-twinkling. Occasionally the couple bumped cars. Parked. Alarms went off. Love has that affect. Edna got lost in Everest’s arms. Everest got lost in the moment. The couple didn’t notice. The police car slipping into the lot. Its lights flashing off and on. Neon lights splashing in the wet asphalt. Now add a couple of flowers, Everest sang. Delighted Edna crawled into his chest. Crowds poured out of the shops to watch. The cops. The lovers danced on. Til the cops threw them to the ground. OOO, cried a lady from the PTA. One cop stuck his knee in Everest’s back and reminded him who was the boss. Edna McGuire was tossed against a ’56 Chev. Her lipstick smeared across the hood. Bracelets clamped on her wrists. Both were thrown into the back seat of the cop car. Honeymoon hotel. They kissed. The cop car sped off. The lot was empty. The music played on. Couples looked at each other. A drop of dew. Stir for a couple of hours. Till dreams come true. Sean Ohara sang. His brother Pat played a little rhythm on a garbage can. And the music played on. The couples gathered their courage and took each other in their arms. Stepped onto the dance floor and began to do the eighteen step waltz. Now add a couple of flowers. As for the number of kisses. It’s up to you. Moonlight cocktail. Need a few. Cop cars roared into the lot. Lights flashing. Couples grabbed and tagged. And the music played on. More cop cars. Riot squad. Until there were no dancers left. No customers in the plaza. No cop cars. And the music played on. For a while. The lights in the plaza went off. One by one. And then the music stopped. And there was just the quiet. And the parking lot. And the Six Points Plaza. Open 24 hours. Waiting.



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