The Rant: Going Out Of Business

18 11 2008



“Going out of business. That’s how I ran my business. It was my business. Playing road kill. Living on the edge. For the vultures. There’s nothing people like better than thinking that they’re going to get something for nothing. Makes their bellies smile. That’s too bad that you’re going out of business. Let me take some of your merchandise off your hands. At those clearance prices of course. The sympathy of greed. And I made a living off it. Very comfortable living. Carrion. That’s what I was. People held their noses. But still they ate. Folks loved the idea that they were fleecing me. Taking advantage of me in bad times. Thinking that they’d got one up on the free enterprise system. Thinking that they’d put one over on Johnny Singh. Suckers! I had them over the barrel. And was putting it pretty handily to them. Up the ass! And that’s how the free enterprise system works, girls and boys. Free choice. Dupe you into giving up what you cannot afford in the mistaken belief that you were getting ahead. That there were short cuts. But now! The gods will have their fun. I am going out of business. For real. And I can hardly move any of this junk. I feel like the boy who cried wolf. Not fair. I played by all the rules. And that is, no rules. But I was laid low falsely. Not of my own hand. But by the big man, G. He wanted me to fail. Wanted me on my knees. Okay, you’ve had your flesh. But there is more. I am haunted by my wife’s look. When I told her that we had nothing. That we lost it all. That the only thing in our hands was calluses. Like a time machine. Returned without deposit to thirty years ago. All that effort and we’re no farther ahead. Except for a child. And our backs are bent. And our muscles spent. And our old friends departed. And the photographs in our books are photographs of a place far away. And the graveyards are filled with strangers. I swear that G will pay. Laughing at me now. Laughing as he always does. I don’t care if I look like a fool standing up against him. He will pay. For what else is there? Vengeance or a bullet in my head.”



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