Choose The Fraudulent Life

29 08 2008



This is Maynard despairing. Despair is a funny thing. It points its finger at the truth. But in the darkness of its despair, turns away. The truth is depressing and something else. For if you stare long into that despair you can hear something… breathing.


Choose The Fraudulent Life

July 1, 2008 by Maynard G. Krebs

“Most of humanity aren’t bad eggs. They’re just trying to get by. Get a little high when the mood suits them. Party some on long weekends. Eat too much at Christmas. But according to those born againers, humanity is made up of nothing but Hitlers, Neros, and liberals. Stick in the muds is what those ministers are. Party poopers. They’d put a damper on heaven. They couldn’t live with folks walking around blissed out. They aren’t folks likely to get to heaven. God would give them the boot in a matter of days. And can you imagine them in hell? They’d be telling everyone that the worst has yet to come. Oh ya, they’d make a lot of friends there… And so I’m stuck. In this conundrum. In this world of falsehood. Where I can sit back. Cut up. Or I can take truth. And die. My doctor says that that isn’t the choice. Death will come anyway. It’s just a matter of the calendar you’re looking at. But who dies for truth? Okay, Socrates. But who since? Fanatics. Religious zealots. Idealists and romantics. But what truth are they dieing for? Can you even ask that question? What truth? Like there was a choice. Different brands. Piled on shelves. And we are customers. And we are able to choose. That’s all nuts. Truth does not allow for choice. Truth will have no competitors. It dresses up in a brown shirt and stomps its hob nailed boots down cobblestone streets. Was Hitler family with Socrates? Maybe we should choose falsehood. Choose the fraudulent life. Yes, that’s it. Choose the delusion. Choose the drunkard imagination to the stoic priest. And yet.”



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